At Westlake, through our youth programs, students will be exposed to God’s love, be equipped to exalt God, be encouraged by believers, and will expand the work of the Church.
To help students connect with those in the same walk of life, we divide our youth into two different age groups:

Younger Youth (11-14)

EPIC (age 11-14) – every Friday  from 19.00-21.00 at “The Hub” (Place de la Gare 9, 5th floor, 1260 Nyon). 

We provide students with an exciting environment to connect, worship the Lord and grow in their faith through Biblical teaching. Through fun games, engaging activities, and consistent leaders, children are exposed to God’s Word and challenged to apply it as they develop an authentic faith.

Engage (age 11-14) every Sunday from 17:00 – 18:15 during Westlake’s church service (17.00pm @ Rue Juste Oliver 6, 1260 Nyon).

During the school year, the younger youth will gather for Engage. Students will start in the church service for roughly 20 minutes and then meet in “The Hub” for interesting talks, Biblical teaching, discussion in small groups, prayer time, and fun games.

Older Youth (15+)

Lost + Found: Dinner + Discussion – every wednesday from 19.00-20:30 at “The Hub” (Place de la Gare 9, 5th floor, 1260 Nyon).

We gather for dinner and discussion. Lively and entertaining conversation always seems to be present at the dinner table, followed by thought-provoking discussion that prompts students to look at how to apply Biblical truth to their lives.

Lost + Found: Drinks + Discussion – every other Sunday from 17:00 – 18:15 meet in the Church Foyer (Rue Juste Oliver 6, 1260 Nyon) 

Every other Sunday, the older youth will meet at the start of the regular church service and walk to a local café for drinks and discussion. There, students will chat about life and the way in which our faith impacts our daily lives.

Westlake is committed to providing opportunities where youth can get into their communities and serve, as well as providing events for students to gather with other youth groups in the Geneva area. Additionally, Westlake encourages our students to make time for retreats throughout the year that allow opportunity to reflect, refresh, and connect with other students. Details about these opportunities are available upon request.

Please watch the video below for dates and information about events happening in Fall of 2020.

Please contact Tommy and Meghan Bresson, for additional information


Please click here for the Child Protection Policy document and the Volunteer Application Form.