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Report from 2016

The mission to Romania last year had an impact on Jaedon and me. We can not remain indifferent after this mission.

Our team was very strong, cheerful, positive, cheering on each other. We had several sessions before going to Romania, to know us, to strengthen us, to motivate us, to carry us, to unify us.

One of the highlights of this mission was direct contact with people. We distributed 900 Gospels in 1 day. Meet local people, giving them the Good Word, encouraging them and sometimes praying with them. Sometimes we visited the houses, surrounded by children, we sang songs. All this could not have been achieved without the valuable presence of the translators (English-Romanian).

Jaedon was also effective in distributing the Gospels, meeting young people of the ages. He gave his testimony. I myself brought my testimony and felt that it could encourage them to follow Christ. We also had very strong moments with the kids. During one day we offered them activities, painting on the face, football, music, games, food and drink. Every day was a new day.

During this mission, I asked God to guide my life, to work in me through his Spirit. Let him open my heart and eyes so that I can listen to him to do a good job. What can I say, what did I have to offer there? I have received many sisters and sisters in Christ.

‘I tell you, what you will ask of my Father in my name, He will give it to you. Ask, and you shall receive, that your joy may be perfect. ‘ John 16: 23-24                                                                                      Patrick

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