Close Clean Water for the people of La Gonave, Haiti
Starfysh, motivated by Christ’s example of servanthood, strives to make a transformational difference to people on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. In a land where diarrheal illness from contaminated water is the primary cause of death, providing clean water is essential. Most who call La Gonave home have no access to clean water. Wells from the past are broken and most spring water sources are contaminated with disease-causing microorganisms. Many, if not most, people on La Gonave must walk long distances to get water, and the water they bring back to their families is usually contaminated. Providing close, clean water is not just humane and important… it is urgent. 

Starfysh endeavors, with the help of Westlake Church Nyon,to provide water filtration devices in every home which does not have access to clean water. The filters can provide enough clean water for up to ten people, and can last for ten years or more with very little maintenance.

Through the “Close Clean Water” project, Starfysh provides life-saving clean water to those in need, demonstrating the love of Jesus in tangible, practical ways and sharing the Gospel with local workers, families and communities in La Gonave, Haiti.

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