Westlake supports Maisha, a Swiss association that rescues orphans from the streets and slums of Nairobi and provides them with a home, food, clothes, an education, but most of all a family where they are loved unconditionally and can learn about Jesus. Maisha was founded by former Westlaker, Beatrice Lüchinger, an orphan herself, who grew up in the slums. Krista Martin, a member of Westlake, is responsible for all the administration.

Since the beginning of 2009, Maisha has been rescuing orphans from extreme poverty and moving them into a Christian private home where all their basic needs are met and from where they are able to attend the local school and church. Beatrice’s adoptive mother, known fondly by the children as “Mama Maisha” has welcomed 25 children, into her home, loving and caring for them with the help of several full-time employees.

With the collaboration of Westlake, Maisha has completed several projects including drilling a borehole, which provided not only the home, but also the surrounding community with fresh, clean water. In 2015 an ambitious building project to provide our orphans with a brand new home with more space and better living conditions was completed. Maisha relies entirely on donations to cover the costs of running the home, as well as education fees which allow the children access to primary, secondary and university education. Our vision is to help these children break the cycle of poverty and give them life, hope and a future.

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