At Westlake we understand that all Christians are involved in “Missions”. We encourage our people to be active for God on their “Frontlines”. This involves all aspects of each person’s life. We understand that God has put us together in this location to make an impact for God’s Kingdom. We are happy to be making an impact locally including caring for asylum seekers.

Westlake is active in fulfilling Jesus’ desire that the church bring the “Good News” to people all over the world. As an English-speaking international church our calling is also to reach out locally to the English-speakers in our region.

Overseas Missions

Westlake supports missions for the advancement of God’s kingdom and its values: to build God’s church, to lead people to a personal knowledge of Christ and to minister to people in need.

Annual Missions’ Sunday
Once a year, the Sunday service is dedicated to Westlake’s missions ministries. A guest speaker from one of the mission projects currently receiving regular support from Westlake is invited to give the sermon. Special activities are organized that focus on the importance of mission work.

Westlake Missionaries
Since 1999, Westlake has recognized the importance of supporting church members who undertake mission-related work. Those supported have done mission work in the Central African Republic, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, India, Sierra Leone, England and Belgium. Support has been through financial contributions by the congregation as well as through regular prayers. Westlake has the unique privilege of having some full-time missionaries and mission workers as members of our congregation. It is our desire to encourage, provide spiritual support and include them in this vital ministry.

As a church, we also support some of our church members who are serving in local missions like those listed below. Click on each of the listings to be brought to their own websites:


For more information about Westlake’s involvement in mission’s projects:

Primul Pas – Romania

Primul Pas is a crisis pregnancy ministry in the city of Iasi, Romania, started by ex-Westlake members Helene and Jonathan Tame. Its mission is to reduce the number of abortions in Iasi and demonstrate the value God places on human life.  This is done by providing counselling, support and advice to people facing crisis pregnancies, and…

Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital – Nepal

Westlake Church supports an exciting front-line mission project in a rather remote area of Nepal – the Lalgadh Leprosy Hospital – one of the world’s busiest leprosy hospitals – whose aim is to rescue and provide love, compassionate care, healing and rehabilitation, food, clothing, dignity in the name of Jesus Christ, to the leprosy affected and…

Starfysh – Haiti

   Close Clean Water for the people of La Gonave, Haiti Starfysh, motivated by Christ’s example of servanthood, strives to make a transformational difference to people on the island of La Gonave, Haiti. In a land where diarrheal illness from contaminated water is the primary cause of death, providing clean water is essential. Most who…

Maisha – Kenya

                                     Westlake supports Maisha, a Swiss association that rescues orphans from the streets and slums of Nairobi and provides them with a home, food, clothes, an education, but most of all a family where they are loved unconditionally and…