Dangerous ministry

Dangerous is all about creating adventures for fathers and sons to take part in together. It is about providing an opportunity for fathers and sons to do something memorable, adventurous and manly together with other fathers and sons. We see these adventures as an alternative expression of church where we don’t just adventure together, but we live out the Father Son relationship as a testimony to how God fathers us.

Some of the events we’ve done:

Ice Fields of the Grand Combin: we climbed from the dam at Mauvoisin, over the col des Otanes staying at the cabane FXB Panossière. We encountered two storms colliding on our way up and over the weekend we had everything from glorious sunshine, thunder and lightning, rain, snow and everything in between. Martyn’s mountaineering skills guided us carefully over the glacier and we can all add the “blue and white” marked tails to our “done that” list! One dad summed up the weekend as follows:
My son and I will have great memories of our weekend together up in the Grand Combin. The event was perfectly organized and executed. The team leaders thought of everything, and went above and beyond to ensure all the fathers and sons enjoyed the event. It was a true “brotherhood” type of experience. What I found unique was that it was a challenging outdoor activity that promoted genuine bonding. Attitudes, by all, were positive, even when “things got rough.”  And even though we were all Christians, the emphasis was not on scripture — it was about fathers and sons. My 7-yr-old will have lasting memories; he’s already asking “when are we going to do another one?”

Wild Water in the Woods: if you went down to the woods in Gland this summer on a certain Saturday afternoon, you’d have gotten a Dangerous surprise. Some twenty dads and lads battled out the afternoon with all kinds of water guns from pistols to galactic blasters. After some watery fun we were rewarded with the legendary spit roast which as ever was delicious. We ended the day huddled under the “base camp” sheltering from the torrential downpour which helped us quite literally get closer together.
Link to video on you Tube.

Winter Alpine Survival 2013: Snow shoe hike from St. Cergue to the Cabane des Apprentis  near the summit of La Dôle, where we were faced with the challenge of building with power snow. The team quickly compacted a large area that became a snow quarry and there were soon slabs of snow being mined that were so big only the strongest men could shift them. We constructed another big igloo and the truly brave spent the night in it! Curt blessed us with a great insight into calling and many a Father and Son bond was strengthened during the weekend over fondue, Toblerone and melted marshmallows.

Wide game and Spit Roast in Gland

Winter Alpine Survival 2012

Stand up paddle 

Sentier des Toblerones

Stay Dangerous!

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